Edward Torikian (1952) is a Lebanese citizen of Armenian origin. Throughout his life, he was engaged in different kinds of musical activities: Professor of music in schools and University, choir conductor for more than 40 years, orchestrator and arranger, local and international lecturer, author of articles and music books, E. Torikian is continuing to compose and teach in Lebanon.



Musical Higher Education and Musicology Master

In Music Faculty of Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) - Lebanon


Musicology, Music Composition & Choir Conducting Courses

In Komitas Higher Conservatory Erevan-Armenia (2 months intensive training)


DEA (Diploma of Deep Studies) in Music Faculty of USEK

Thesis title: “The Syriac Sacred Chant Characteristics” (in French).


PhD in Musicology

In Music Faculty of USEK 

Thesis title: “The General Characteristics of Armenian Liturgical Chant and the Peculiarities of Bzommar Monastery Variant” (in French).


  • Associate Professor and Board Member of the School of Music & Performing Arts, affiliated to the Faculty of Arts & Sciences in USEK.
  • Head of Higher and Specialized Music Education Programs
  • PHD & M.A. Advisor
  • Doctorate Seminar Lecturer
  • Teaching Courses:
    • Comprehensive Analysis
    • Musical Forms Analysis
    • 20th Century Music History and Analysis
    • Orchestration
    • Armenian Chant and History
    • Composition: Theory, Solfeggio, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue
  • Former Posts:
    • Founder and Director of the Music School USEK-TEKEYAN in Beirut (1992-1997)
    • Founder and Director of P. L. Der-Minassian Music Centre in Zalka (1997-2011)
    • Music Education teaching in Primary & Secondary Schools (1975-2008)


  • USEK Students Choir (Classical repertoire, Christmas concerts)
  • Al-Bustan Hotel Choir (Classical & Pop Western repertoire, 2012-2017)
  • Armenian Catholic Patriarchate GROONG Choir (Armenian, Arabic & Western classical repertoire, 1992-2016)
  • Armenian Catholic Patriarchate Residence Church KILIKIA Choir (Armenian Mass, 1980-2007)
  • AGBU-Tekeyan Choir (Armenian repertoire, 1985-1986)
  • Armenian Catholic Aleppo Cathedral Church KOMIDAS Choir (Mass & concerts, 1975-1980)